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Weight loss: Can the colour of your plate influence the numbers on your scale?

If you are on your weight loss journey you must be realizing that it is not an easy thing to do. There are so many diets and so many exercise regimens that promise quick weight loss that you are bound to be totally confused. The worst thing is that losing weight requires really hard work. You have to stick to restrictive diets and strenuous workout routines. No wonder so many people give up when they are not even halfway through. Most diets leave you with a sense of deprivation and more often than not you are always hungry. But yet you need to cut down on your food intake if you want to lose weight. So what do you do? Apparently the plate you eat from can decide how much you eat and if you will lose weight.
The colour of your plate matters
Some colours can make you lose your appetite. If you choose your dinner plate according to this logic you may lose weight faster. It will prevent you from overeating by curbing your appetite. Here are a few facts that you must consider when taking out your dinner plate. Experts say that yellow orange and red makes you eat more. This is because these colours can increase your blood pressure and heart rate. This triggers hunger in you. But if your dinner plate is gray black brown and purple you are less likely to overeat. These colours prevent you from overeating and make you feel full sooner. The same science applies to ambience too. Avoid eating in a room with yellow orange and red coloured walls and lights if you want to lose weight.
Choose the dinner plate with the right-coloured rim
According to experts if you eat from a plate with a wide-colored rim you are likely to overeat. A study in the International Journal of Obesity says people overestimate the amount of food on a wide rimmed plate by almost 10 per cent. Researchers saw that when people looked at food served on a plate with a colored rim they thought that the amount of food is 1.5 to 3 per cent more as compared to meals served on plates with uncolored rims. So now you know what you must look for when shopping for your dinner plate.
A few other weight loss tips
The colour of your dinner plate can help you lose weight without any side-effects. But along with choosing the right colour plate you also need to do a few other things to ensure that you lose weight fast. Have a lot of vegetables and fruits. In fact half your plat must contain fresh fruits and veggies. Carbs and proteins can occupy a fourth of the plate for each. Choose foods that are low in calorie and nutrient-rich. One important thing to do when trying to lose weight is to never ever eat out of a box or takeaway package. Always take the food out on a plate before eating. This will also help you lose weight.

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