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Weight loss: Add cucumber to your diet to shed your extra kilos

Cucumbers are much more than just a salad in your platter. They are great meal companions during summers as they trigger weight loss. Cucumbers are 80 per cent of water and the rest is made up of essential nutrients like vitamins C and which also help in reducing your weight. One cup of sliced cucumber comprises of just 14 calories while a medium sized peeled cucumber has just 24 calories. This is almost one per cent of the daily calorie count when on a weight-loss friendly 1500-calorie diet. Due to the low-calorie count it is a low-energy-density food and adding this to your diet not only improves your metabolism but also makes you feel full.
How can cucumber help in weight loss?
One of the reasons you gain weight is because you have calorie foods the whole day. Therefore it is a simple rule that if you cut down on your calorie count it will help you reduce the extra kilos. You can have plenty of cucumbers without getting fat as they have a lighter calorie density. Apart from this the water content present in them can aid weight loss too. According to a study published in a magazine called Nutrients eating foods with high water and low calorie contents is linked to a significant decrease in body weight.
How to have cucumber?
Cucumbers have a crisp and refreshing flavour. They are quite easy to have and are often included in many things from salads to sandwiches. However if you want to enjoy cucumber in an unconventional way then here are a few interesting recipes which will satiate your craving for something new while helping you to lose weight. Take a look
Key Lime Cucumber Smoothie
This cucumber smoothie helps in keeping you full for many hours and also triggers weight loss. It is a great option if you want to have cucumber like a dessert.

How to make

Combine 1 cup of chopped cucumber ½ banana 1 lime juice 1 cup of coconut milk and ice cubes (optional) in a container.
Blend the ingredients together but keep the ice cubes away if you are using banana.
It will just take 3 minutes to blend.
And it is ready to be served

Cucumber Fat Burner
This is an early morning beverage which helps in regulating metabolism and ensures a good digestion.

How to make it

Mix 2 cups of peeled and chopped cucumber 1 peeled lemon with no seeds 1 tsp maple syrup 1/8 cayenne pepper powder and 1 cup of water.
Now blend all the ingredients together for about 1-3 minutes until it gets smooth.
Now serve in a glass.If you want you may add ice too.

Cucumber Shake
When you are craving a snack between lunch and dinner cucumber shake is just the best option. It won’t only cool your body during the hot weather but will also satisfy your need to have something different rather than your normal evening tea or coffee.

How to make it

Take a blender and add 1 small apple 1 cucumber and a bowl of spinach.
Mix them all and after a few minutes add some ginger then again mix the ingredients properly.

After you are done with the mixing part pour the shake in a big glass and add a few crushed almonds and walnut for garnishing.


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