Want to lose some weight? Add oat and rye bran to your diet – Lose Weight Fast

Want to lose some weight? Add oat and rye bran to your diet

As we are stuck at home due to the lockdown we tend to eat more unhealthy foods and spend more time doing nothing. And most of us are already seeing the result of this sedentary lifestyle in our waistline. Looking for the best ways to shed those extra inches? Going to the gym is not an option now. But you can do at-home exercises and control your diet to prevent weight gain or reduce those extra kilos. There are also certain foods that can help with weight loss. Oat and rye bran are one of them.

A new study published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research suggested that consumption of dietary fibre from oat and rye bran can help reduce weight gain and hepatic inflammation by increasing the growth of beneficial microbes in the intestines. The study was jointly conducted by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of Hong Kong.

Previous studies have already linked consumption of oat rye and other whole-grain products to decreased inflammation and improved glucose lipid and adipose tissue metabolism. They are also known to reduce the risk of obesity metabolic syndrome cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes.
How oat or rye bran aid weight loss
For the study the research team fed mice with a high-fat Western diet for 17 weeks. They then divide two groups who were fed the same diet enriched with 10 per cent of either oat or rye bran. This study especially focused on the gut microbial metabolites relevant to the development of fatty liver disease which is often linked to obesity. The microbial metabolites were assessed by measuring cecal short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) ileal and faecal bile acids and the expression of genes related to tryptophan metabolism.

The researchers found that both bran fibres enhanced the production of SCFAs which improved gut integrity and reduced liver inflammation. Moreover both oat and rye supplementation was found to reduce weight gain associated with a high-fat diet the researchers noted.
Benefits of whole grains
For years grains have been a major part of our diet. But high intake of refined grains has been shown to cause health problems like obesity and inflammation. So opt for whole grains which can provide multiple health benefits. Whole grains are high in fiber vitamins minerals antioxidants and protein. It is the bran – the hard outer shell – that provides most of the fiber in whole grains.

Eating whole grains is associated with various benefits including a lower risk of obesity diabetes heart disease and high blood pressure. The fiber in whole grains can improve digestion by giving bulk to stools as well as a lower risk of constipation. Some researches have also suggested that whole grains can prevent cancer. Whole grains’ strongest anticancer benefits are seen against colorectal cancer one of the most common types of cancer.

You can add whole grains to your diet in many ways. You make a cooked porridge out of oatmeal or other grains sprinkle toasted buckwheat groats on yogurt make polenta out of whole-grain cornmeal add barley to vegetable soups etc.


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