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Want to live beyond 100 years? Adopt the Blue Zone diet

It is often said that what you eat defines you. So if you want to live a long and healthy life you must pay attention to what you put on your plate. The Blue Zone diet advocates longevity. So what is this diet all about?

First it is important to understand what a Blue Zone is. Basically there are five areas across the world where people live longer than their counterparts in other areas. They have one common thing and that is their diet. According to Dan Buettner who studies these areas many people here live beyond 100 years. He also noticed that these areas have a very low rate of chronic ailments like diabetes heart disease cancer and obesity. Okinawa in Japan Sardinia in Italy  Nicoya in Costa Rica Ikaria in Greece and Loma Linda in California fall under the Blue Zone.
What is so unique about the Blue Zone diet?
Despite being separated by geography people in the blue zones follow a similar diet. In fact in four of the five Blue Zones people consume some meat but they do so sparingly. Most people have it only about five times in a month. The portions are also very small.
Main foods in this diet
The main food here are vegetables and fruits. Other than this they also consume a lot of beans lentils peas chickpeas whole grains nuts and seeds. The focus here is on natural and nutrient dense whole foods. You may consume water coffee tea and wine if you follow this diet. In fact in all the five Blue Zones tea is a daily requirement and most people also have one to three small glasses of antioxidant-rich red wine every day.
What you need to cut back on
Cow’s milk and products made from it are not very popular. But some add goat and sheep milk products to their diet but in moderation. But plant ‘milk’ or ‘yogurt’ and nut-based ‘cheeses’ are better than dairy. Eggs are also eaten two to four times a week. But this is mostly as a side dish. You will also need to limit your fish intake to three small servings per week. One other food that you need to keep away from is sugar. But you can have an occasional treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.
You have to follow the 80 per cent rule
You must stop eating when you are 80 per cent full. This will prevent you from overeating. To follow this rule you need to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. This way your brain will able to figure out when you are almost full. Make breakfast a hearty affair and dinner your smallest meal.
Health benefits of this diet
This is a fibre-rich diet that includes a whole lot of nutrient-dense foods. It improves overall health and is particularly good for your digestive well-being. This diet also improves heart health and brings down your risk of many chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. And this is precisely why people who follow this diet plan live a long and healthy life.

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