Want to get rid of your flabby arms? Try these 5 home workouts to melt away that stubborn fat – Lose Weight Fast

Want to get rid of your flabby arms? Try these 5 home workouts to melt away that stubborn fat

Since your gym sessions have come a halt all thanks to lockdown you’re more likely to gain weight sitting at home. In addition to gaining some extra kilos there are chances that your health may suffer severely. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology just a two-week break from your regular workout can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases insulin sensitivity and more. And it has been more than a month since the government has announced the lockdown. Therefore you need to get back to your active routine as soon as possible to avoid such risk. However if you have flabby arms your regular workout routine may not help much. Flabby arms are a result of excess fat deposition or the reduction in elasticity of your skin. Not only flabby arms look bad they also make you look older and unfit. Wearing sleeveless clothes is also out of question when you have flabby arms. So here are a few exercises you should add in your workout routine to tone your arms and get rid of that flab:
Standing arm circles

Extend your arms on both sides and stand straight on the ground.
Now rotate your arms without bending your elbows and take a step back backwards.
Alternate your legs and keep taking a step forward and then backwards.
Make sure that your steps and arm circles are simultaneous.
Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds.

Triceps dips

Just sit on the mat with your arms behind your mat and palms on the mat.
Make sure your fingers are facing backwards and knees are bent.
Now with the help of your arms lift yourself from the floor and then back down.
Repeat this up and down motion for a total of 30 seconds.
Make sure your buttocks don’t touch the ground during the exercise.

Knee push ups

Position yourself in a push up position with your palms on the mat and legs backwards.
Now place your knees on the mat and cross your legs behind.
Now use your arms to do a push up and make sure your feet do not touch the ground.
These high intensity push-ups will make your arm fat melt in no time.

Plank slaps

Position your body in a plank position by placing your palms on the mat and toes on the ground backwards.
Make sure your body is in a curved position with all fours on the mat.
Now use your left hand to touch your upper arm and vice-versa.
Continue this exercise for 30 seconds.

Up and down 

Place your elbows on the ground and legs backwards.
Make sure your toes are on the ground and knees are not touching the ground.
Now get up from the ground and place your palms on the ground using your left arm and then the right arm.
After getting in a plank position get back to the original position.
Keep repeating this for 30-40 seconds for an effective set.

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