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Vitamin K could help fight COVID-19: Know which foods are rich in this nutrient

Researchers are trying hard to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. They are also testing the existing treatment methods to fight the deadly disease. As there’s no cure yet health experts advise people to try to keep their immunity strong to prevent COVID-19 and its symptoms. It’s important to take good care of what you eat and drink to strengthen your defense mechanism. If the findings of a recent study are to be believed eating foods rich in vitamin K may help combat the deadly disease.

Vitamin K deficiency may worsen COVID-19 outcomes

According to the study reported by the Guardian patients who have succumbed to or have been admitted to the ICU due to COVID-19 were found to be deficient in Vitamin K. The finding has raised hopes that the nutrient could have a positive effect in fight against the new coronavirus. The research which was conducted in partnership with the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht studied 134 patients who were hospitalized due to COVID-19 between 12 March and 11 April. The researchers found a link between vitamin K deficiency and the severity of the coronavirus patients.
How vitamin K can help fight COVID-19
The novel coronavirus is known to cause blood clots and degradation of elastic fibres in the lungs. Vitamin K is an important nutrient that helps in the production of proteins that regulate clotting. Therefore experts believe that consuming vitamin K-rich foods can be beneficial for your blood vessels bones and also the lungs.
Foods that are rich in Vitamin K
Vitamin K is found in the following food items. You must try to include these foods in your daily diet. They are not only likely to reduce the risk of complications due to COVID-19 but improve your overall health as well.

Spinach and other green leafy vegetables

Although many greens are rich in vitamin K leafy greens like kale cabbage broccoli etc. are filled with all sorts of nutritional goodness including vitamins A B and E plus magnesium folate and iron. One cup of spinach is enough to suffice your nutritional value of this vitamin in your body for one day.


There are two main kinds of vitamin K which are vitamin K-1 (phylloquinone) and K-2 (menaquinones). Soybeans and soybean oil contain more of the K-2 kind. This is also found in fermented foods.

Fish and meat

Meat especially fish contain good amount of vitamin K. The nutrient plays an important role in blood coagulation and bone mineralization in fish.

Eggs and dairy

Dairy foods and eggs are said to be decent sources of vitamin K2. Similar to meat eggs’ vitamin content is dependent upon the animal’s diet and the values may also vary by region.


A large content of vitamin K is found in cheese especially blue cheese fresh cheese soft-ripened cheese and semi-soft cheese. Whereas non-fermented cheeses like processed cheese contained lower amounts of vitamin K.

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