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Try the lacto-vegetarian Indian diet for sustained weight loss

Losing weight is never easy and you can easily go wrong if you follow some of the fad diet that are doing the rounds today. All of them promise quick weight loss but very few live up to that promise. Most are unhealthy and very restrictive. This can actually cause you to overeat once you go off the diet because of the sense of deprivation that it causes. But this does not mean that all diets are bad. There are a few diets that promote healthy eating and sustained weight loss. The lacto-vegetarian Indian diet is one such diet.

This is basically a vegetarian diet that includes dairy products. You can eat plant-based foods including fruits vegetables grains and beans. Dairy products like milk cheese butter and products made from these foods. All animal products including eggs are excluded from this diet. It can also be called a ‘vegan plus dairy’ diet. This is a popular diet among the Hindu community in India. Buddhists and Jains also follow this diet due to religious reasons. Many spiritual new-age communities also follow this diet. Advocates of this diet say that it is great for losing weight and keeping it off.
Benefits of the lacto-vegetarian diet
This diet includes foods that are nutritious and good for health. Most of the foods in this diet are loaded with healthy fats antioxidants essential vitamins and many minerals. It can not only improve overall health and wellbeing but also help you lose weight. This diet can boost your immunity and improve heart health. It can also help you maintain your blood sugar level. Moreover it boosts metabolism which is good for weight loss.
A perfect diet for weight loss
Most nutritionists and dieticians will agree that for effective weight loss you need to keep away from animal products especially red meat. The lacto-vegetarian diet gives you all the essential nutrients and is fibre rich too. Because of the high fibre content of the foods allowed in this diet you feel full for a longer period of time. It can also reduce your cravings and you end up eating less junk food. All this is good for weight loss.
Foods that you can eat in this diet
This is a mostly plant-based diet. It allows fruits vegetables seeds and nuts whole grains milk and dairy products. You can have rice lentils legumes flour cheese ice cream and anything that is derived from plants and dairy.
What you cannot have
All kinds of animal products be it eggs meat or seafood are strictly excluded from this diet.
A word of caution
The lacto-vegetarian diet is great for weight loss and it also improves your overall health. But this deit excludes all animal products be it meat or eggs. As a result you may suffer from some nutritional deficiencies if you are not too careful. There are some nutrients that are available only from animal products. Eggs are loaded with healthy proteins and seafood comes with the essential omega-3 fatty acids. So if you follow this diet strictly you may need to take supplements.

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