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Stay away from these diet foods if you want to lose weight

Weight loss is today a huge industry and there are many players in the market. In fact entire rows in supermarkets are now dedicated to weight loss foods and products. All these products promise quick and effective weight loss. But are these foods really safe and do they really work? Many of us don’t bother to stop and ask ourselves these important questions. When it comes to weight loss you are often willing to do anything that can help you attain your goals. And this often includes loading up on diet foods.

In fact according to a study at the University of Alberta diet foods and drinks for children may inadvertently lead to overeating and obesity. Researchers say that children who consume low-calorie versions of foods that are normally high in calories may develop distorted connections between taste and calorie content. This can cause eating disorders and make them overeat as they grow up. This is true for adults too. Most diet foods are packaged as healthy. So don’t go by the label that says non-fat sugar-free and zero calories. These may be lacking on many grounds and may do more harm than good.

Here let us take a look at a few common diet foods that you must definitely avoid if you want to lose weight in a healthy manner.
Sugar-free cookies
These are sugar-free in name only. These cookies contain fructose glucose and corn syrup which are all a form of sugar. If you don’t burn them off they will get converted to fat in your body. The sugar-free label is misleading and it may make you complacent. You may polish off a whole packet thinking that it will not affect your waistline. But a few weeks of this will show on your weighing scale.
Fat-free dressings
These are loaded with preservatives and additives. Some of these may actually be harmful for health and may lead to adverse health conditions. Your body needs the fat in dressings to absorb the nutrients on the salad. It is better to go for the normal version if you need dressings. You can even make your own with lemon and balsamic vinegar. Just don’t overdo it. And stay away from the fat-free version.
Non-fat yogurt
Yogurt is a health food. It is loaded with probiotics and come with many health benefits. But the non-fat variety contain artificial flavours. This is added to enhance the taste of the yogurt. It has no nutritional benefit and will definitely not help you lose weight. This is one diet food you need to stay away from.
Fat-free butter
This is pure margarine which is not a natural food at all. You get margarine when you add hydrogen to vegetable oil. It is loaded with trans fat which is extremely unhealthy. It also contains butter substitutes. This can actually lower your immunity. Instead have butter in moderate amount. You will benefit from the Vitamin A and selenium present in it. If you watch your intake you will not gain weight.

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