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Rapid weight loss is not healthy: It can leave a mark on your health

If you are overweight you must be in a real hurry to lose weight. There are many fad diets in the market that offer to help you do just this. Many exercise regimes also promise the same thing. But if you consult a nutritionist or a dietician they will always advice you to go slow. Weigh loss is a gradual process. If you want to emerge from your weight loss journey as a healthy person then you have to be patient. Short cuts are never healthy and it can leave permanent scars on your health. Rapid weight loss can lead to fatigue mood swings muscle cramps and also constipation or diarrhea among other problems. So you need to be sensible here and go for gradual weight loss. This will also make it easier for you to sustain your weight loss. Otherwise if you lose your excess kilos too fast you may just gain it back equally fast. And the effect of this on your health may be too costly to bear.

Here let us look at a few health risks of very fast weight loss.
It leads to loss of muscle mass
If you lose weight rapidly it may be because you are losing water and muscle weight. Your fat may not gett burned off. Usually very low-calorie diets induce this kind of weight loss. This is unhealthy and it may cause long term health complications.
It makes your metabolism slow
You need a fast metabolism to lose weight. A sluggish metabolism is the worst enemy of weight loss. It is your metabolism that determines the amount of calories you burn each day. If you have a slow metabolism it means that you will end up burning less calories every day. If you eat less calories you may lose muscle mass and experience disruption in hormones that regulate your metabolism. The result is a slow metabolism which is definitely not something that you want.
Nutritional deficiencies is a real danger
If you restrict your food intake you run the risk of nutritional deficiency. If you follow a low calorie diet you may not get enough iron folate and vitamin B12 which are so necessary for overall health. Because of this you may experience hair loss and fatigue. It can also lead to brittle bones and a poor immune system. So you need to consume the required amount of nutrients even if it means that you lose weight more slowly.
It can give you gallstones
This is a painful condition where you get hard pieces of material inside the gallbladder. The role of your gallbladder is to release digestive juices to break down fatty food so that it can be easily digested. But if you are not eating enough then your gallbladder does not have to release juices. When substances inside the digestive juices stay idle and have time to join together you get gallstones. This is a painful condition that you definitely do not want. So it is better to have a balanced diet lose weight sensibly.

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