Oatmeal with seeds and berries: Power up your mornings with this healthy breakfast – Lose Weight Fast

Oatmeal with seeds and berries: Power up your mornings with this healthy breakfast

Berries mixed with oats give you a bowl of warm breakfast bowl which is apt for you to kickstart the day. This is a common morning meal in different parts of the world and is considered extremely healthy. It gives you energy for the whole day.

Oats are gluten-free low in fat high in protein and contain soluble fibre. They help in keeping your gut bacteria happy and your cholesterol levels down. Oats also consist of a good palette of minerals like manganese selenium phosphorus fibre magnesium and zinc. Adding a few seeds and berries (raspberries and blueberries) to your oatmeal bowl will up the health quotient of this breakfast. These berries are packed with nutrients which contain brain protective antioxidants and help in reducing the risk of cancer. If you want to add more toppings you can go for dry fruits like almonds and raisins too.

This video shows you how to make oatmeal with seeds and berries by adding milk to the recipe instead of water. This will turn this bowl breakfast into a complete meal while helping you feel fuller. Milk contains calcium and also gives you energy to keep going throughout the day. Also honey another ingredient of this breakfast recipe may help you deal with sore throat better digestion and weight loss.

Not just for breakfast this healthy bowl with oatmeal seeds and berries can also be an ideal meal to have before or after your workout session. If you are craving for something sweet chuck your usually high calorie desserts and switch to this oatmeal snack as it contains around 150 calories.

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