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How To Be More Active: All The Benefits & Our Top 10 Ideas

The World Health Organization says you need to do 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise 5 times a week, or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise each week.

In a perfect world, you’ll jump out of bed 40 minutes earlier and fit in your 30 minutes exercise every day. But, we know as well as you, we don’t live in a perfect world.

It’s often difficult to find the time to fit everything in, so learning how to be more active isn’t always our top priority.

But, being more active is possible.

What you need is the help of some good advice and support, and that’s EXACTLY what this article is going to give you.

Just take a look at the benefits of being active and then use our 10 top ideas to inspire yourself, get yourself out there, and get fitter.

Just remember, every step forward you take is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t matter how small. One step will always lead to another.

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The Health Benefits Of Being Active

You want to know how to be more active, which means you have a purpose and most likely realize the benefit it will have on your health.

In fact, there are many benefits associated with being active. Here are just a few of them:

Improve Muscle & Bone Strength

Activity uses your muscles and, like anything, using something will help you to keep it and even build on it.

In short, you can strengthen your bones and muscles just by using them more.

This doesn’t just make you more capable of physically challenging tasks. You’ll also benefit from better core strength and improved balance.

This will reduce the risk of age-related falls which could damage your bones.

Boost Energy Levels

Being active increases your metabolism, making your body more efficient at burning calories, and producing energy.

By being more active, you’ll feel more energetic and want to keep pushing yourself.

This will help you to develop the drive to achieve anything in life.

Decreased Risk Of Age-Related Diseases

Aging is often associated with the development of many ailments and diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and various cardiovascular issues.

However, learning how to be more active and increasing the amount of physical activity you do, will, in turn, help you reduce the risk of these diseases.

Weight Loss or Control

You won’t be surprised to learn that being active burns more calories than being sedentary, so can help you to lose weight.

Or… if you’re already happy with your weight, being more active will help you to maintain your current weight.

Lowers Stress

Any activity that allows you to separate yourself from the stresses of day-to-day life is going to lower your overall stress levels.

As high stress levels have been linked with an increased risk of a range of diseases, lowering your stress levels is a good idea!

Better Mental Health

Because your body is functioning better and you’re less stressed, you’ll find that your mental health improves.

If you suffer from or have suffered from depression in the past, getting more active could help you find that it’s no longer such an issue.

Exercise of any sort releases endorphins which help you to feel good about yourself, which reduces the effects of any mental illness.

Confidence Boost

Because you feel better about yourself and your ability to handle situations you’ll find that you are more confident taking on unusual situations.

Confidence in yourself will allow you to approach many things differently and really open doors in your life.

Activities That Will Help You Discover How To Be More Active

You’ve heard enough! It’s time to start implementing how to be more active and feel the benefits for yourself.

There are two approaches to how to be more active; the traditional and the alternative options. Both are valid and both can help you discover the health benefits listed above.

In fact, mixing these up will keep things interesting and help you achieve your goal.

The Traditional Options

You’ll probably hear these options whenever you look up ‘how to be more active’.

However, below, we’re giving some great advice on how you can actually implement these ideas into your daily life:


Walking to work, or parking further away from the office if you need to drive a long distance, is an easy method to incorporate more activity into your day.

After all, walking is one of the easiest exercises and an effective way to be more active.

You will need to consider the additional time it takes to get to work, but the benefits you get from being more active will far outweigh that.

You could also walk your dog, walk with the family after meals, or even join a hiking club. You only need to ditch one television program in the evening to achieve this.

Take The Stairs

This is a great way to boost your activity levels too. If you work in a building that has a lift, ignore it. Take the stairs every time!

It will make a big difference to your activity levels in a surprisingly short space of time.

It’s likely that you’ll notice a difference in your ability to climb stairs within a week of starting.

But, it’s not just at work. Wherever you go, look for stair options and use them, even if it means purposely parking on the top floor of the car park.

Walk At Work

Many jobs require you to sit at a desk or stand at your post for hours throughout the day.

You can incorporate walking into your day easily, by simply get a cordless headset and pacing around the office whenever you’re on the phone.

Also, don’t send emails to colleagues unless you absolutely need to. Instead, walk over to their desk and talk to them.

Every time you start an activity consider if there is a way of adding walking into it.

Play With Your Children

Your children are probably full of energy so they’ll likely make you feel exhausted after playing with them for just a few minutes.

But, playing with them can really get your heart pumping and counts as activity.

It’s also fun, provides an opportunity to bond with your kids, and helps them to learn about healthy habits!

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The Alternatives

These alternatives to the more traditional ideas we’ve shown you above, are ones we know a good number of our customers here at the Fit Father Project have used in conjunction with our programs, to get them more active and help them to lose weight and get fitter.

Give these alternative activities a shot and see how you can mix things up when you’re learning how to be more active.

Sexual Intercourse

If you need another excuse to spice things up in your relationship then consider the fact that sexual intercourse can burn as many as 4.2 calories per minute.

That’s about half of what a minute on the treadmill will burn… but a lot more fun.

Try experimenting with different techniques and approaches. You’ll be able to rekindle the romance in your marriage while becoming more active!

Sign Up to Dancing Classes

You may never have considered dancing classes. After all, it’s not usually high on most men’s lists… and isn’t ballroom dancing a little dated?

In fact, there are many different styles and types of dancing, so there is certain to be one that appeals to you and your partner.

Sign yourselves up and commit to going. You’ll find it improves the bond between you and you’re getting some much-needed exercise.

Like so many of these tips for how to be more active, this should also be great fun.

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways of becoming more active!

You just need to fidget. Instead of sitting at your desk quietly working away all day, get in the habit of fidgeting.

You can move your feet to imaginary music, drum your fingers on the table, shrug your shoulders, rotate your neck, or just roll a pencil around your fingers.

Fidgeting can burn as much as 350 calories a week, that’s one donut saved.

Live-Action Role-Playing

Live-action role-playing can take many forms and we’re not talking about role-playing in the bedroom. (Although, this is a perfectly viable option).

Live-action role-playing involves re-enacting historical scenes or creating new ones based on fantasy stories.

It can be completed in small groups or as part of a large-scale effort and if you look around, there is likely one happening in your local area.

You will probably need to wear a costume, which can often be bulky and heavy, increasing the effects of this activity.

All of this counts as activity and will help you learn how to be more active.

Try Parkour

You may have heard of Parkour or even seen it and thought it was a young man’s game.

However, there is no age limit, you simply need to start according to your current experience and fitness level.

Parkour originated in the military, with the principle being to get from one point to another by moving over obstacles, without assistance or equipment.

When you get good this means running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, crawling, and practically any other movement you can think of.

But to start, all you need to do is practice jumping on and off stones, or perhaps vaulting a low wall. You can even try hanging from a pole or a wall, doing a push-up or two and squatting.

Parkour is all about moving through an environment in a different way to normal. Once you start seeing the environment differently you’ll find developing the skills, and becoming more active follows naturally.

Random Events

Place several active things you can do, in a bag, that will only take a few minutes each. For example, do 10 push-ups, run to the kitchen and back, try doing a downward dog, etc.

Then, at set times during the day, you pull one randomly from the bag and have to do it instantly. Make it more fun by involving your family or work colleagues.

The attraction of this is that you don’t need to think about being active or dread the thought of it. You’re simply playing a fun game that helps you with how to be more active.

Inspiration & Help With How To Be More Active

The secret for how to be more active is in changing small details of your life as shown above. But, perhaps, more importantly, you need to consider the pace at which you do any activity.

Being more active means boosting your heart rate more often, you can actually achieve this by putting more effort into every activity you do.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to do this alone. Enlist your wife, your family, and join FF30X.

You’ll get all the help and support you need to successfully discover how to be more active and maintain that activity level.

It’s time to enjoy finding the new you!

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