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Gympass fast-tracks new digital wellness platform

Gympass has launched a new digital platform as a response to the increase in demand for online wellness programming.

Called Gympass Wellness, the platform collects a diverse range of wellness apps in one place – offering access to health, fitness and wellbeing programming from more than 40 providers.

In addition to a range of traditional fitness workouts, the platform will feature apps offering mental health advice and tailored nutrition plans as well as meditation and relaxation programmes. It also includes family fitness options, enabling users to engage their children in activities.

The selection of apps – from Fiit, Yogaia and Healing Clouds to Moneyed, iPrescribe and Zen App – has been designed to “nurture all-round healthy habits” and will be made available to Gympass’ network of corporate partners and clients.

Gympass had been developing Gympass Wellness for several months, but fast-tracked its launch in response to the COVID-19 lockdown and the huge demand for digital fitness and wellness solutions.

“As soon as the lockdown was confirmed, we recognised an immediate need to bring Gympass Wellness forward,” Eamon Lloyd, Gympass’ senior director and head of partnerships for UK and Ireland.

“Our collective of fitness and wellness apps now enables people to take a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. By combining relaxation, mindfulness, financial wellbeing and nutrition programmes with fitness options, we are delivering a truly 360-degree wellness solution.

“This concept of housing a significant number of different apps together on one platform is something that has never been done before. The scale of the offering is unprecedented, with some of the industry’s biggest names in fitness collaborating with us to support every element of people’s wellbeing throughout the lockdown and beyond.”

The launch of Gympass Wellness comes just weeks after the launch of Gympass Plus, which offers the company’s 2,200 operator partners access to more than 500 workouts from 18 content providers – including Zumba and Gaiam.

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