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Eating out amidst COVID-19 pandemic: This is what you should keep in mind

There have been more than 7 million confirmed cases of the deadly COVID-19 infection all around the globe. The toll in India has risen to about 3 lakhs. The global death burden of the pandemic currently stands at 413372 while in India the figure is 8498. India is now the 4th worst pandemic-hit country in the world thanks to the fact that it added around 10000 cases for the fourth consecutive day. It has surpassed the UK’s tally to record 297535 COVID-19 cases so far. With a record highest single day spike of 10956 cases according to data released by Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India tipped UK which has 292860 cases. A total of 396 people died in the last 24 hours. These figures have caused a situation of panic globally and a lot of it can be attributed to the myths and rumours about COVID-19 that are doing the rounds.

Coronavirus originated from the wet food market of Wuhan the capital of China’s Hubei province. In such markets raw meat and seafood are sold alongside living animals like dogs hares etc. Such markets force a close contact between humans and live and dead animals. This makes it easy for germs to sneak into the systems of human beings from them. However there is no evidence that you can catch the COVID-19 infection from foods. Having said that it needs to be mentioned that we need to be very meticulous and extra cautious now about our food maintaining hand hygiene and social distancing especially as the lockdown eases. With life crawling back to normalcy we will soon start visiting our favourite food joints too. However you should keep a few things in mind while eating out or ordering home delivery. It is always good to be safe than sorry.
Choose your restaurant judiciously
Avoid experimenting with new restaurants. This is because you don’t know whether they maintain cleanliness. Visit only those which are known for maintaining good hygiene standards. You can also check ratings online and decide which place is safer to go. Also avoid an overcrowded place as it may increase the risk of you getting infected.
Avoid food delivery services
Those who think going out and eating is the only unsafe way to have food then let us tell you that it’s not true. These days we avail online food delivery services more than going out to eat. However you cannot be sure about the hygiene standards maintained by your delivery guy. Since a delivery guys operates in multiple locations he is more exposed to infections than a restaurant attendant.
You don’t need to avoid meat and seafood
There is no scientific evidence that proves that coronavirus spreads through eating chicken mutton or seafood. Therefore it is safe to have meat amidst coronavirus outbreak. However it is always good to dine out in trusted joints that have a goodwill for quality and hygiene.
Don’t go for open buffets
Well the food is covered with transparent shields at the buffets. But it doesn’t necessarily make them safe to consume. The new coronavirus sneaks into our systems through droplets that are introduced to the air when an infected coughs or sneezes. So in case of an open buffet the virus may land in your foods too. Going by this logic you should also avoid street food during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.
Dine out together but in small groups
It might be a good idea to be with a smaller group when going out to eat rather than a large number of people. Eating at a big table with a large group can increase the odds of coming in contact with an infected person.

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