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Choosing the Right Nutrition for Weight Loss Success

You know the drill. The alarm goes off, you groan, and then slowly rise from your slumber to face a new day. Your habits likely include shaving, taking a shower, eating something for breakfast, brushing your teeth, and heading out the door for another day at work. More than likely, the right nutrition for weight loss won’t even cross your mind.

But that is where it should start. Getting nutrition right isn’t something that you can pick up and put down throughout the day. You need to develop a plan to ensure you’re getting the very best nutrition for weight loss.

Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for. The Fit Father Project is dedicated to helping men lose weight, build lean muscle, and feel great. Even more fortunate is the fact that we’re good at it. Thousands of men can attest to their own success through our program.

So let’s take a look at the facts regarding nutrition and specifically nutrition for weight loss, you may be surprised!

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Nutrition – The Simple Facts

Nutrition is simply what you eat. You probably already know the average man needs to consume 2,500 calories per day in order to maintain their body weight.

To make it as simple as possible, eat fewer calories to lose weight.

Of course, the exact amount of calories your body needs will depend on your current weight, age, and specifically your activity level.  You can check out our free maintenance calorie calculator here.

Once you know your calorie level simply focus on eating 300-500 calories less than this per day; the weight will start to come off.

But, in order to lose weight and stay healthy, you need to have the right nutrition for weight loss. You can live on McDonald’s for a little while, but even their healthy menu is not going to give you all the nutrition you need. Reduce the calories, and you’ll lose weight. But to improve your health, you need to really think about what you’re eating.

Here’s a good guide to what you should be consuming every day:

  • 2 ½ cups vegetables every day
  • 2 cups fruit
  • Grains are good, but half of those you eat should be whole grains
  • 30g of fiber per day for men over 50; men under 50 need 38g a day
  • Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats; yes you do need to eat some fat
  • 4,700mg of potassium – you should get this from the fruit, vegetables, milk, and fish
  • Protein – you need approximately 0.8g per kg of body weight every day
  • Carbohydrates – Yes you do need carbs too, but only about 300g per day or less

It can seem like a lot to take in. The simple approach is to use something called the perfect plate approach to eating. You focus on every plate having ½ vegetables, ¼ protein, and ¼ carbohydrates, and a little healthy fat.

The first thing to understand is how the above nutritional needs relate in the real world. The perfect plate, providing it is a normal sized dinner plate, is a great way to balance your nutritional intake. However, the following should help you to understand the right portion sizes:

  • ¼ plate carbohydrates should be the same size as your clenched fist
  • The protein element of your plate pertains to the size of the palm of your hand
  • You only need 2 thumbs of cheese per day
  • 1 cup of nuts per day is more than enough, depending on the type of nut
  • Butter and spreads should be just the tip of your thumb and no more than 3 times per day

This will help to keep your nutrition intake balanced and start you on the journey to your weight loss goals.

Here’s A Free Weight Loss Meal Plan For Busy Men 40+

Discover exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to lose belly fat & feel energized 24/7 without hard dieting…

Download this Free Meal Plan here.
Join over 200,000 other guys 40+ using this meal plan to lose weight »

Know Your Foe: Nutrition For Weight Loss

The required nutrition for weight loss is different than for weight gain or weight management.

The basic premise is the same. But there are a few foods you can target to help you reach your nutritional needs while boosting the number of calories you burn or helping you to feel fuller for longer.

Here some foods you should be adding to your diet:


For many years eggs were seen as bad for you as they are high in cholesterol.

However, they are also high in protein and fat, helping you to feel full for longer.

Studies show that replacing your morning bagel with whole eggs can help you to lose weight.

Get Your Greens

You know you need to eat greens, half your plate should be vegetables. But, if you choose leafy greens, like kale, collards, and spinach, you’ll be helping your weight loss goals.

These leafy greens are high in fiber and low in carbs and calories. They are also full of valuable minerals and vitamins that can help your body function at its best.

In fact, they also contain calcium which studies suggest can help with your fat-burning efforts.

Fish & Seafood

Salmon is one of the best choices of fish you can eat.

But there are lots of other great fish and kinds of seafood that are full of protein, healthy fats and have an array of nutrients.

Fish and seafood can also give you omega-3’s which reduce inflammation as well as iodine to help regulate thyroid function.

Chicken Breast

Choose fresh chicken breasts over processed frozen ones. Chicken is high in protein. Some studies have suggested that a high protein diet will increase your calorie burn and reduce your food cravings during the day.

Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes actually contain a high number of nutrients. In fact, they have a little bit of everything you need on a daily basis.

They are also the food that scores highest on satiety tests, meaning they’ll keep you fuller for longer.

As a bonus, potatoes are also filled with potassium, which is important to your body in controlling blood pressure, effectively lowering the risk of many cardiovascular issues.

Beans & Legumes

Lentils, kidney beans, and even black beans are high in protein and fiber. These will help you to feel full for longer, effectively preventing snacking and ensuring you make progress towards your weight loss goals.

However, it is important to prepare your beans & legumes properly as this will aid your digestive system. Soaking them before cooking will be essential.


You may think you need to avoid dairy as it is high in fat. But the truth is that a little dairy is good, especially something like cottage cheese. Like most dairy products, it is high in protein. But cottage cheese is also low in fat and has very few carbs; that’s a real winning combination.

Greek yogurt is another excellent example of this and tastes great.


This fruit has a surprisingly high quantity of healthy fats, specifically monounsaturated oleic acid, which is found in olive oil.

In addition, they have high water content and plenty of fiber.


Nuts have a reputation as being high in fat, but they are not as bad as you may think. Again, this is a case of moderation.

A handful of nuts a day can give you valuable protein, boost your metabolism, and help you lose weight.

Of course, the key is moderation.

Chili Pepper

If you don’t normally eat spicy food, then this is a great way to boost your metabolism and even increase your core temperature through thermogenesis.

The spice in the pepper makes your body temperature go up. The result is your body has to burn calories in order to lower your temperature, which of course, helps your fat-burning goals.

The fact that it can also reduce your appetite is a bonus.

It is worth noting that chili peppers lose their effectiveness as you build up a tolerance to them.


Studies show that just half a grapefruit eaten before each meal can help you to lose 3.5 pounds over a 3-month period. It is believed that it makes you feel fuller before you even start eating your meal.

Chia Seeds

Every ounce of chia seeds has 12g of carbs, but 11g of these carbs are actually fiber. This low carb, high fiber food will make you feel full throughout the day because the seeds can absorb as much as 12 times their body weight in your stomach.

That’s got to help with your weight loss goals!

Combine these foods with the great recipe ideas you’ll get when joining the FF30X program, and you’ll be getting the right nutrition for weight loss.

Top Tips & Tricks To Make Sure You Hit Your Nutrition Target

Here are a few tips that will help you to hit your nutrition for weight loss goals; it doesn’t need to be hard!

Drink More Water

The official guideline is 8 glasses of water a day, but you should really drink approximately half your body weight every day. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds then divide this weight by 2 and you’ll have 90; that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking.

It will encourage your cells and organ to work efficiently, help you to burn toxins, and keep you feeling fuller.

Drop The Drink

Not literally! But, you do need to cut down on your alcohol intake. If you’re looking to lose weight, you need to lower the number of alcoholic drinks you have per week. Ideally, zero is good, but getting it below 10 is a great starting point.

Get More Sleep

When you sleep, your body balances your hormone levels. This includes your leptin and ghrelin levels. Leptin levels increase, helping you not to feel hungry during the day.

Ghrelin levels decrease when you sleep, which also works to stop you feeling hungry.

Sleeping gets the balance of these hormones right, helping your weight loss goals providing you get between 6-8 hours a night.

Increase Protein Intake

You’ve already learned that protein is good. Now you need to focus on eating a high protein breakfast and lunch. This can prevent energy crashes in the afternoon, which often lead to a craving for sugar.

Try eggs or Greek yogurt for breakfast and some chicken with vegetables for lunch.

Add In Exercise

You need to eat right in order to lose weight. But, if you add in some exercise, you’re going to burn extra calories helping your weight loss goals.

If some of those exercises are resistant/strength training, you’ll also be building lean muscle. Lean muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, helping to boost your metabolism and increase the speed at which you reach your weight loss goals.

The great news is that exercise is relative. As long as you’re pushing your limits, it doesn’t matter if you are walking the dog or running a marathon; you just need to commit to some activity for 30 minutes every day.

Space Out Your Meals

The old rule of eating 7 or 8 small meals a day will not help you to achieve your goals and is impractical. Instead, focus on 3 meals with a snack between them. But, always allow 3-4 hours between a meal and a snack; this will help you to eat nutritiously and not overeat.

Consider Vitamin D

The consensus today is to avoid the sunshine as it can increase your risk of cancer. However, sunshine also boosts your vitamin D levels; this is an essential nutrient for bone and muscle health.

It will keep you stronger as you age. If you do not see the sunshine enough, then you need to make sure you’re eating vitamin D rich foods such as fatty fish, egg yolks, and fortified milk.

Taking The Extra Step

The extra step is actually covering your back! You need to feel dedicated and motivated to achieve your weight loss goals. But, sometimes, you just need to feel inspired.

That’s why we want to take a moment to encourage you to give the FF30X program a try. There are thousands of men who have successfully used this program to lose weight and feel great. They can inspire you and help you to do the same.

Of course, there are others enrolling with the FF30X program today, just like you. They can be your competition and your friends. Taking the journey with someone else makes it so much easier to choose the right nutrition for weight loss and become the man you want to be.

Here’s A Free Weight Loss Meal Plan For Busy Men 40+

Discover exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to lose belly fat & feel energized 24/7 without hard dieting…

Download this Free Meal Plan here.
Join over 200,000 other guys 40+ using this meal plan to lose weight »

Your new friend & health coach,

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