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Breaking: Technogym launches live streaming and on-demand classes

Technogym has announced the launch of live streaming and on-demand classes. The new content will be delivered via the Technogym Mywellness app.

The service will offer operators the opportunity to stream their own content to their community whenever and wherever they are, so users can connect to their favourite classes and instructors.

Operators will also have access to a library of Technogym classes, featuring ready-to-use content created by Technogym to integrate into their own content libraries.

“This is a new business opportunity for clubs for member engagement and attraction,” said Nerio Alessandri, founder and president of Technogym.

“In the current challenging times, Mywellness has been playing a fundamental role in supporting operators to connect, engage and coach their customers during the lockdown and has also been supporting operators’ comprehensive re-opening strategies.

“We’ve already introduced new features, such as the ability to book gym floor sessions, classes and swimming times, providing members with a seamless customer experience and creating confidence at the same time.

“Now, thanks to Mywellness app 5.0, the opportunity for operators to engage with more users has been extended, allowing them to follow their favourite instructors and classes, even when they’re not at the club, as well as having access to our extensive library of world-class content.”

Find out more about Mywellness live and on-demand here.

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