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Beware: These foods can lower your immunity

You need a strong immune system so that your body is able to fight off invading pathogens. This becomes all the more necessary in view of the current pandemic that has ravaged the world and still shows no signs of abating. As all of us know the best way of boosting immunity is by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. This keeps you healthy and fit and your body can easily fight off all viruses bacteria and germs that it encounters on a daily basis. But did you know that there are a few foods that can actually bring down your immunity? These are common foods that you may include in your diet on a daily basis. Here we tell you what foods you need to avoid so that you have a strong immune system.
According to a study in Alcohol Research excessive alcohol intake leads to a weakened immune response. It also increases your risk of pneumonia and acute respiratory stress syndromes (ARDS). In view of the current pandemic this is a fact that needs to be noted. Alcohol can also make you more prone to sepsis you will be at a greater risk of postoperative complications and poor wound healing. Because it interferes with the proper functioning of your immune system you will also experience a slower and recovery from infections.

So instead of alcohol try to have more of natural fruity drinks. You can also try infused water which has immense healing properties. Many herbs come with contain anti-inflammatory phytochemicals  and have amazing immunity boosting properties. Infuse your water with herbs like mint and ginger. Green tea can also be an option.
Too much salt in your food can lead to water retention in your body and high blood pressure. It also has an adverse effect on your immunity. A study at the University Hospital of Bonn found that excess salt reduces the body’s ability to fight bacterial infections. You need a strong immune system to fight off all germs and pathogens that constantly attack your body. So you need to boost your immunity by reducing your salt intake. Junk food also contains a lot of extra salt. So avoid all kinds of junk foods like burgers and fries.

Instead of salt try using fresh seasonings to add flavor to your food. There are many herbs and spices that you can use for this purpose. Soon you will not miss the extra salt that you used to add to your dishes.
According to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition sugar diminishes your immune system’s ability to fight off infections. But at the same time sugar is also necessary for many bodily functions. So you cannot banish this food from your diet completely.

Try to have this food in moderation. Try to restrict yourself to 20 to 30 gms of sugar per day. If you are prone to sugar cravings try to divert your mind when you get the craving. You can do so by munching on a fruit going for a walk or doing some meditation.
Coffee and tea contain antioxidants that can help you fight inflammation. But both these beverages contain caffeine. Too much of caffeine can give you sleepless nights. This can lead to inflammation and bring down your immunity.

Restrict yourself to 2 cups of either tea or coffee a day. At other times have natural fruity drinks and drink a lot of water. This will boost your immunity.

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