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Best exercises for burning calories and losing weight

Losing weight is never easy. If you have ever gone on a weight loss journey you will know the truth of this statement. The minute you decide to lose weight you will receive solicited as well as unsolicited advice on how best to get rid of your excess kilos. Diet plays an important role here. But along with diet modifications you also need to follow a dedicated exercise regime. Without the right exercises your weight loss journey will take more time or worse still may never really take off. But how do you choose the right exercises that will help you shed weight fast? There are so many exercises and many people will offer conflicting advice. That is why here we bring you a list fitness workouts that will help you attain your goal. We will also reveal how much calories each workout will help you burn.
Jumping rope
Calories burnt: 990

The humble jumping rope that you played around with when you are a kid can actually help you lose a lot of weight. You can burn as much as 990 calories in an hour if you can manage 120 skips per minute. For even better results you can go for a weighted jump rope.
Running up the stairs
Calories burnt: 946

You must have heard that taking the stairs is always better that going up in an elevator. This is true and you gain a lot of health benefits from this. But it can also be the fastest way that you can adopt to lose weight. If you run up and down the stairs for an hour you will end up burning as much as 946 calories. But don’t overdo it. If you feel tired try doing up fast for 30 seconds and then walk up the stairs for the next 30 seconds. It will be just as effective. If you live in a hilly area instead of the stairs go for a sprint uphill. You will get the added benefit of being out in nature.
Calories burnt: 864

This is a cardio workout modified from martial arts. It is great for weight loss and you can burn almost 864 calories in an hour if you do this. Other than losing weight this workout will also build muscles improve balance and coordination and boost flexibility. But if you have never done this before then you need a good instructor to guide you through the paces. It consists of choreographed movements of punches kicks and knee strikes.
Calories burnt: 841

This works your leg muscles and builds endurance and strength. For best results you can go cycling uphill. This will help you burn more calories. But if you live in the plains then just cycle instead of taking your car. This way you get to enjoy nature while losing weight. But in crowded cities and towns you may want to go for stationary cycles. This will also help you lose weight just as effectively. In fact you will end up burning almost 841 calories in an hour. If you want to continue burning calories for a long time afterwards do a mix of high and low intensity cycling. This means that you intersperse your workout with sudden bursts of high intensity cycling for a few seconds.

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