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Are you underweight? Add these nutrient-rich foods to your diet to gain weight quickly

People who are struggling with excess weight may think gaining weight is much easier than shedding those extra kilos. But this is not true gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight and no one can understand this better than those who are underweight.

A person is considered to be underweight if he/she has a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5.  BMI compares your weight to your height (BMI) to calculate if you’re underweight at a healthy weight or overweight. A normal or healthy weight is when your BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9. People who have BMI above 25.0 are overweight and those above 30 or higher are categorised as obese.

Being underweight can put you at risk of a range of health problems as your body may not get the nutrients it needs to function properly. Underweight individuals are likely to experience health issues such as:

Weakened immune system
Osteoporosis: It makes bones brittle and more prone to breaking
Thinning skin hair loss dry skin or poor dental health.
Irregular periods
Premature births
Slow or impaired growth

A person may be underweight because of many reasons such as family history high metabolism frequent physical activity chronic disease mental illness etc.

If you’re struggling to put on weight consult a doctor. Your physician may help identify the cause of their low BMI and recommend a treatment plan to help you gain weight healthfully. Including the following foods to your diet may help improve your BMI and boost overall health:
Drinking milk daily will provide your body a mix of fat carbohydrates proteins vitamins and minerals including calcium. The protein is essential for building muscle and milk is a good food choice to get the nutrient. Studies have shown that drinking skim milk after a resistance training workout can help build muscle more effectively than a soy-based product.
It is an excellent low-cost source of carbohydrates which contribute to weight gain. One cup of cooked rice can give you about 200 calories which is quite a lot. The same amount also provides 43 grams of carbs and very little fat. Rice is easy to prepare consume and digest.
 Red meat
Red meat is considered to be one of the best muscle-building foods as it contains dietary creatine that helps gain muscle. It is also is an excellent source of leucine an amino acid that helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis. For example steak contains both leucine and creatine. Choose fattier cuts as the fattier the meat the more calories it has.
Nuts and nut butter
Overweight people would be jealous to hear this but high-calorie treats are a perfect food choice if you want to gain weight. Nuts and nut butters are calorie-dense foods great for weight gain.

Just a handful of almonds contains over 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of healthy fats. Having just two handfuls per day as a snack or adding to meals can help you gain hundreds of calories easily.

You can also add nut butters in smoothies yogurts dishes etc. However buy nut butters made without added sugar or hydrogenated oils.
Avocados are fairly calorie-dense and are loaded with healthy fats which makes this fruit a great food for people who want to gain weight. One large avocado contains around 322 calories 29 grams of fat and 17 grams of fibre. It is a good source of vitamins minerals and various beneficial plant compounds.


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