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Add the right foods to your diet to beat the monsoon blues

The onset of monsoons brings cheer to people. After the heat and dust of the initial dry summer months you get a respite. But the rainy season also brings with it its own share of maladies. This season has its fair share of illnesses and many diseases rear their heads around this time. Another real problem with the coming of the rainy season is the general feeling of gloom and depression that some people feel. If you feel depressed and lethargic around this time don’t worry. This is just the monsoon blues and you can easily get rid of it. This is also a kind of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) syndrome which is usually associated with the long and cold winter blues.

You get hit by this syndrome when the sun goes into hiding. This is a proven fact. A study at Brigham Young University says that on a rainy day when the sun hardly makes an appearance people are especially vulnerable to emotional distress. This can happen even to people who are not prone to SAD syndrome. The Journal of Affective Disorders published this study. However your diet can make a big difference here. Yes you can easily beat the monsoon blues with the right foods. Let us see what you must include in your diet to give yourself a mood boost during the rainy season. These foods are healthy it will give you an energy boost and make you happy too.
These are loaded with many essential nutrients including antioxidants. Moreover the burst of flavor you get when you bite into a berry is definitely out of this world. Berries are a good choice if you want to boost your immune system which is also necessary during monsoons because of the risk of water borne infections. So load up on cherries strawberries and blueberries. The colourful fruits will not only lift your mood but also give you a health boost.
Whenever you feel that you are slipping into a depressive mood just reach for a handful of nuts. These are healthy and make for wonderful snacks. The best are almonds cashews and pistachios. Almonds in particular are especially good for booting mood. It reduces stress gives you an energy boost and also boosts your immune system. Munch on them and feel your mood lifting as you look out at the rain.
Chocolate especially the dark variety is good for your mood and heart. But go slow on milk chocolate as it can increase your feeling of lethargy on a rainy day. But don’t overdo it and practice moderation.
Hot beverages
A cup of hot tea coffee or milk will give you an instant mood boost. You can add some spices like turmeric ginger and black pepper to your hot beverage for added flavor and better immunity during monsoons. These beverages will give you a warm and comfortable feeling and make you happy as you battle your monsoon blues.

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