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A cup of coffee a day keeps the risk of digestive disorders like gallstone at bay

A cup of coffee can give you much more than just an instant energy boost. This is one beverage that many people reach for first thing in the morning. For hardcore coffee lovers the day doesn’t start without a cup of this beverage. Besides giving you a good start to your day coffee also reduces your risk of many health disorders.

Now according to a new study from the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) drinking coffee may help reduce the risk of certain digestive disorders including gallstone disease and pancreatitis. The study also highlighted other beneficial effects that coffee consumption may have on the process of digestion including supporting gut microflora and promoting gut motility.
Coffee acts as a shield against common digestive disorders
According to researchers from the University of Milan in Italy Data indicates benefits against common digestive complaints such as constipation as well as a potential reduction in the risk of more serious conditions like chronic liver diseases. Gallstone disease is a common digestive disorder caused by the accumulation of gallstones in the gallbladder or bile duct. This affects approximately 10-15 per cent of the adult population.
Caffeine in coffee may be behind the benefits
Researchers say that the mechanism by which coffee may protect against gallstone disease is not yet known. But they admit that the risk for the condition declines with increasing daily consumption of coffee. According to them the reason behind this may be caffeine in this beverage. They suspect this may be the case because the same beneficial effects are not seen with decaffeinated coffee.
The many benefits of coffee
A common question among consumers and focus area for research is whether it is associated with heartburn or gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). While a small number of studies have suggested an association between coffee drinking and GERD the majority of studies reviewed suggest that this beverage is not a major trigger of these conditions. The report also reviewed a growing area of health and nutrition research namely the effect of this beverage on the gut microflora (microorganism populations). This is one of the most widely researched components of the diet and its effect on digestion remains a growing area of research say researchers. Here let us see how it helps your digestive system.

Recent studies suggest that populations of the beneficial gut bacteria Bifidobacterium spp increase after drinking this beverage.
Dietary fibre and polyphenols found in coffee support the healthy growth of microflora populations.
Coffee consumption stimulates digestion by encouraging the release of gastric acid bile and pancreatic secretions.

Other health benefits of coffee
This drink comes with a whole lot of health benefits. Experts say that it may offer protection against many chronic health conditions like Parkinson’s disease liver diseases and liver cancer. It also boosts your heart health and prevents cardiovascular diseases. It also brings you’re your risk of metabolic syndrome including type 2 diabetes. Regular coffee drinkers are also less likely to suffer from mental issues like depression and anxiety.

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