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7 reasons why the #BeefBan is good

India is one country where beef consumption is not widespread. In fact many states ban the consumption of beef in India. But in the not too distant past there was a huge hue and cry about the banning of beef in several states of India. Although this ban has been opposed by several people we think it may been a blessing in disguise for your health. This is because beef which is a red meat does not rank very high on the health-o-meter! In fact it can pose several health risks and is best avoided.

Read on to find out why beef is bad for you.

Nutritionist Akansha Jhalani points out the following ill-effects of eating beef:

#1 It contains high levels of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol that can lead to heart diseases.

#2 It also increases the risk of colorectal cancer. In fact according to a study led by an Indian-origin researcher at the University of California a non-human sugar (Neu5Gc) present in red meat promoted inflammation and cancer in mice.

#3 Beef contains carnitine which can harden your blood vessels and cause atherosclerosis. In this condition the arteries get blocked and can lead to several complications.

#4 The toxins present in beef can cause several health issues such as obesity hypertension gout etc.

#5 Eating beef can also hinder your weight loss efforts. This is because it requires more oil to be cooked.

#6 Adds dietician Neha Chandna These days cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics which can lead to hormonal imbalances in beef eaters. At times meat from an infected cow can cause MAD COW disease which leads to abnormal destruction of the brain cells.

#7 Eating beef can also up your risk of Alzheimer s disease due to the build-up of high iron content in the brain cells says Neha.

Who should avoid eating beef?

Says Akansha Pregnant women and people with a history of heart disease or any ongoing heart ailments should strictly stop eating beef.

Even people who are diabetic and women with PCOS or menopausal symptoms should reduce the intake of beef warns Neha.

If you do want to eat beef opt for leaner cuts and grill it. Restrict its consumption to just once a month. It has some benefits such as vitamin B12 high protein zinc and iron content but even so one should not eat too much of it since it is red meat. Read more on why red meat is bad for health.

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