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7 herbs that can keep you cool and disease-free during summer

The easiest way to lead a healthy lifestyle is to live close to nature. It is a fact that our ancestors were way stronger and better immune to a lot of health issues as they used to live in accordance with the seasons. This concept is known as ritucharya which is the backbone of ayurvedic lifestyle.

While making your diet plan it is important that you keep the weather conditions in consideration. This is because your body’s requirement also changes with each season. During summer your diet should consist of lighter foods as the heat can take a toll on our digestive system and disrupt metabolism. In summers the body loses much water quickly due to perspiration. Therefore you should eat foods that can cool down your body and keep it hydrated. Considering all these points we bring to you 7 ayurvedic herbs which can help keep your mental and physical health intact during this hot and sweltering season.
This extremely cooling ingredient with dreadlock-like roots calms your body and mind. It is excellent to reduce heat in the head. To consume jatamansi mix a tsp of its powder in a glass of hot water keep it covered for four to six hours then strain and drink before going to bed.
Sandalwood (Chandan)
Sandalwood is one of the most popular herbs which has many medicinal properties. This can calm a heat rash and is extremely cooling for the lymph blood and circulatory systems. Keep sandalwood handy during a sunstroke. Have two to four teaspoons of it either in your food as a spice or in milk to avoid low hydration.
Also known as vetiver in English khus sherbet is an essential summer drink. You can reap the benefits of its roots to keep your body cool by mixing the ingredient with water. Add a few khus roots in your water bottle and keep drinking it on regular intervals to stay cool during summer.
Mulethi is a suitable ingredient to soothe the upper respiratory tract. It is very effective when it comes to relieving you from the flu or irritations in the throat. This is one reason a lot of commercial products like toothpastes tea cough syrups and more include mulethi as one of the ingredients. Even chewing on its stick is enough to reap its benefits.
The effect of Shatavari is extremely cooling and it is very effective for your skin. This herb is also good for women who are dealing with gynaecological and uterine problems. You can have a teaspoon of this drink with water or milk anytime of the day.
The roots of this herb are known for their ability to treat skin diseases. Besides being effective in hydrating your body it’s also good for your heart liver and the circulatory system. You can mix a teaspoon of anantmool with a teaspoon each of amalaki and shatavari and add some fresh mint leaves to make a cooling summer herbal drink.


Tulsi or basil is one of the most sacred plants in India. It is also considered the “Mother Medicine of Nature” because this herb comes with so many health benefits right from soothing your stomach to keeping your body cool. Also in case you have been facing constipation just add half a teaspoon of fresh basil leaves to your meals or in water to notice the difference.

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