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6 benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy

Sipping on fresh coconut water to beat the heat? Coconut water is the one of most refreshing drinks to quench your thirst and keep your body hydrated during summer. Not just it’s tasty and refreshing but it has many benefits for your body. Coconut water contains 94% water and very little fat. It is also a good source of fibre vitamin C and several important minerals. As a result it is included in the list of heathy foods to have during pregnancy. Drinking coconut water is known to help reduce symptoms of morning sickness during the initial period of pregnancy as well as ease constipation. Here are some other well-known benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy:
Prevents dehydration
Dehydration is more common during pregnancy as your body’s demand for water increases. Morning sickness and excessive vomiting may also contribute to dehydration. While most cases of dehydration in pregnancy are mild severe dehydration can be harmful for both the mother and the baby. Dehydration during pregnancy may lead to serious pregnancy complications such as neural tube defects low amniotic fluid inadequate breast milk production and even premature birth. Lack of water and nutritional support for your baby may also cause birth defects. If you’re feeling thirsty fresh coconut water is a good choice for staying hydrated. It is also the best way to rehydrate your body after any kind of prolonged pregnancy-friendly exercise.
Replaces lost electrolytes from vomiting
Some pregnant women have hyperemesis gravidarum — an extreme form of morning sickness that cause excessive vomiting. This can lead to a loss of fluid and electrolytes. Coconut water contains five key electrolytes: sodium potassium calcium magnesium and phosphorus. Drinking coconut water can not only replenish lost electrolytes but also reduce symptoms of morning sickness.
Soothes acid reflux
Pregnant women often experience indigestion also called heartburn or acid reflux. It may be caused by hormonal changes and the growing baby pressing against your stomach. Sipping coconut water may help soothe the acid reflux while providing other health benefits.
Provides nutrients for foetal development
If you’re pregnant it’s very important to eat a balanced diet because what you eat is the main source of nutrients for your baby. Your body’s nutritional needs also increase during pregnancy. Hence doctors recommend pregnant women to take prenatal vitamins. Since coconut water is a good source of vitamin C and several important minerals adding it to your pregnancy diet may give you an added benefit.
Reduces blood pressure
The potassium in coconut water could be a saviour for those who have high blood pressure or preeclampsia. Potassium can help regulate blood flow and reduce blood pressure. One study found that drinking coconut water helped reduced systolic blood pressure in pregnant women. Having said so coconut water shouldn’t be used as a substitute for treatment of preeclampsia.
Helps with labour
Interestingly coconut water is also believed to help in inducing or aiding labour. However there’s no scientific evidence that suggests coconut water cause (or ease) labour.


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