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5 dance forms that will help you lose weight at home amidst quarantine

Quarantine has left us homebound and there’s hardly anything that we can do much about. People are complaining about their lifestyles which have become sedentary due to lesser movements. Also many have started gaining weight while staying at home. Even though you can’t take a walk on the road or step out to the nearby park there is a lot you can do at home to lose weight. No we aren’t talking about the usual forms of cardio. In fact we are suggesting some fun dance forms which can help in burning those extra kilos while boosting your mood.

Dance has been an ancient art form in our culture which was initially about expressing our emotions. But now it is much more than that. Now a days dance is entertainment and the movements and postures which this elaborated form of activity has may also be adapted as an exercise routine. Dance workouts are becoming popular day by day. Take a look at 5 forms of dances which can effectively help you in losing those extra kilos.
Freestyle as the name suggests is a dance form which involves no specific steps or movements and allows you to move freely. This is considered one of the easiest dances and can be performed by people of every age. Free style dancing makes your body much more flexible and also leads to weight loss when performed for 30 minutes regularly. Just put on your favourite music and get ready to groove.
Hip Hop
It is one of the highly popular dances which are performed in clubs. Hip hop originated on the streets and it is almost equivalent to an extensive workout for the ones who are looking for burning those extra bulges. The high energy movements which are involved in this dance form work on your entire body. Mostly the steps in hip hop focus on your waist region which help you gain toned abs. It is recommended that you practice it for almost an hour to see the results.
Belly Dance
This exotic dance form is gaining popularity in India for its belly and hip movements. Belly dance helps you tone the major areas where the fat is most likely to get accumulated like the hips your back and your abs. This dance has very controlled isometric movements which will help you in maintaining flexibility and increase the blood circulation in your body. Belly dance also tones your hip area and is especially beneficial for women as it improves the womb along with the abdominal muscles.
This is a combo of jazz dance and strength training which helps you in toning your muscles and burn calories simultaneously. Jazzercise involves the use of dumbbells barbells yoga cardio-boxing and some classic pilates movements which help you build muscles along with reducing the calorie count. It is suggested that you perform it at least 2 to 3 times in a week for about an hour in order to see the difference.
Zumba is one popular exercising dance form which is often practiced at gyms. This contains moves of other dances like salsa rumba merengue and hip-hop. Zumba works on your entire body while strengthening your arms abs and legs. It is an excellent aerobic workout to stay fit. Practice it for at least 2-3 times in a week for it to make a difference.

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