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5 Best Food-Themed Face Masks to Buy

We’re still in the first wave of coronavirus cases, which means we will have to continue wearing masks out in public and in social settings for quite some time. Thankfully, there are a lot of independent businesses that are putting their own special twists on face masks, some of which are especially delicious.

Below, we rounded up five food-themed face masks made by creative artists across the country. They’re all sold online so you can jazz up your mask collection with the click of a button. Here are five of the best ones we found. Now, go enjoy a safe (and tasty) summer!

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Created by Eat Healthy Designs, this bright beautiful watermelon mask looks good enough to eat! The mask comes in adult and child sizes, both of which also have stretchy adjustable ear loops. It’s machine-washable so you can toss them in with your load of laundry and have no fear of it unraveling, just make sure to air dry it flat. For each mask purchased, one mask will be donated to essential workers, however, if you have a specific person or business you would like to donate the mask to, you can address that in the notes section of your order.

You can purchase the children’s size watermelon mask from Eat Healthy Designs for $14, here.


Barbecue Bob

Have you ever seen a more picnic-friendly face mask than this? Imagine rolling up to your social-distancing barbecue event sporting this cotton gem—you’d be the talk of the (hopefully small) party! For every mask Robot Bunnies sells, they donate one to a frontline COVID-19 fighter in the New York tri-state area. Fire up the grill and feel both protected and chic while wearing this fun mask.

You can purchase the adult size Barbecue Bob face mask from Robot Bunnies for $22, here. 

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Smarties All Over

This pleated mask is sweeter than most. Why? Because it has Smarties candies all over it, that’s why! The mask is made with two layers of polyester, with the innermost layer made with a slightly softer type of polyester for a more comfortable fit.

You can purchase the Smarties All Over face mask from MaskClub for $13.99, here.


Fresh Lemons

If you want a classier, vintage look consider checking out PHELMUNS Lemons mask. The two-layer mask has a 100% cotton interior while the exterior is made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Notice the ear loops are grommeted in the mask, making for a sturdier fit.

You can purchase the Lemons mask from PHELMUNS for $29.00, here. 


Bomb Pop

Last but not least is Robot Bunnies Bomb Pop face mask which features a summertime favorite: Firecracker Popsicles. Nothing says summer quite like a refreshing popsicle.

You can purchase the adult size Barbecue Bob face mask from Robot Bunnies for $22, here.

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