30 Day Burpee Challenge (The Fat Burning Machine) – Lose Weight Fast

30 Day Burpee Challenge (The Fat Burning Machine)

Do you know what pro athletes and elite military teams have in common?

They all do burpees religiously!

This workout strikes fear in the hearts of many exercisers, but what you fear can literally make you stronger and fitter.

It’s regarded as one of the most intense fat busting full body workout anyone can do.

If you fear this workout it’s time for you to embrace it and regularly include it in your workout routines.

That’s why this 30 Day Burpee Challenge will gradually introduce your body to it, to the point where you’ll become a burpee pro.👍

The fact is, burpee is a bunch of functional moves combined together. For example, the squat, the push-up , the plank, the squat thrusts and the straight jump.

Not only are you doing these dynamic moves in one but when you do them in rapid succession, pretty much all of your muscles work in beautiful synergy.

The key to this exercise is to maintain proper form throughout the full session.

Why it’s a big deal

Burpee’s were specially developed for the military in the late 1930s (1) to increase performance and endurance.

Since then, it has evolved to become a very important part of athletic and military training worldwide.

It’s even been popularized again by CrossFit, which is all the rage right now.

However, the main reason why it’s a big deal is because it is one of the ultimate fat burning exercise that torch tons of calories in one session.

A recent study(2) evaluated active women and their aerobic fitness and muscular endurance when performing total body moves, mainly burpees, compared to other single specific exercises.

The data showed improvement in cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength and a decrease in total body fat.

So if you haven’t been doing burpees don’t worry because this 30 day challenge will definitely get you started.

Let’s get right into how to do it properly.


Step 1: You’re going to squat down and put your palms flat on the ground on either sides of your knees.

Step 2: Now you’re going to quickly hop both feet out behind you so that you form at tall-arm plank position. Make sure to contract your core and squeeze your glutes together so your hips don’t sag.

Step 3: When you’re in the plank position perform a push-up while maintaining a contracted core.

Step 4: It’s time to hop your feet together right in between your hands so that you’re back into the squatting position with your hands on the floor.

Steps 5: You then do an explosive jump. Hold your arms up to the sky and launch yourself off the ground with both feet straight while in the air.

Step 6: That completes one rep. Repeat.


In this 30 day burpee workout plan, the first couple days will be your warm-up so that your body gets accustom to the workout.

This is especially important for persons who haven’t done it before.

Why you should do Burpees regularly

Honestly, this exercise can be intimidating for anyone, even if you have a regular workout routine.

Burpees aren’t just for pro athletes and CrossFitters, but it also do wonders for anyone who is willing to take on the challenge.

Yes, it may be hard for the first couple days but as your body gets accustomed to the move you’ll become a pro in no time.

And you’ll start to feel and see the positive changes in your body.

Here are some reasons why burpees should be your new favorite workout.

They burn extraordinary amount of calories

They are extremely powerful in burning tons of calories, so when you do burpees regularly you’re basically converting your body into the ultimate fat burning machine.

There isn’t any other exercises that combine so many moves into one.

High-intensity workouts like burpees burn up to 50% more calories than your regular workouts.

Let’s not forget to mention how it will supercharge your metabolism throughout the day, meaning you will burn a lot more calories even after you’ve completed your burpee session.

So if you want to lose weight fast then you might want to start paying more attention to doing burpees.

You will get way more stronger

It’s a full body strength training workout which is a prime example of functional fitness.

When you perform this exercise, with every rep you will work your chest, arms, thighs, calves, glutes and other muscles in your body.

This will definitely increase your total body strength and even improve your coordination.

It improves your endurance and conditioning

Do you ever wonder why burpee is the ultimate workout for CrossFitters?

Well, that’s because it’s efficient in developing your body’s  endurance, conditioning and it will definitely boost your heart rate up really fast.

If you have been out of shape for a while and don’t have a lot of time, then you can only do burpees as it will get you in shape really fast.

You don’t need any equipment

That’s one of the things to love about burpee.

You can do it anywhere and it doesn’t require any equipment at all. So whether you’re in the house, office or even in the nearby park, you can do burpees.

It will improve your current workout routine

Even though burpee is a very efficient exercise, it doesn’t mean that you should ditch your current routine.

Instead, add it for more intensity and faster burn. Doing this will get you results at a faster rate.

Try the 30 day Burpee challenge

Some people look at this workout and think it’s impossible for them to do. But it’s all about pacing yourself and most of all, believing that you can actually do it.

If you do this 30 Day Burpee Challenge and combine it with healthy eating, you’ll start to see transformations all over your body, like increased muscle tone and less body fat.

So get your friends to join you on this challenge and give it your best.

You will see amazing results!👌

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